Here through the warming, the rainstorms, printing and stitching, tourist navigation and traveler appreciation…. we are glad to open up for a couple of Tuesday nights and share some musical creation with you.

Tuesday July 23, MARMELADE session featuring Kurihara 1900 – 0000
The marmelade sessions are essentially 4 years of weekly noise jams with a semi constant cast and occasional flux of characters, abstract improvisation, human resources, friendly unfriendly. For this night we are all very pleased to welcome back Kurihara from Hiroshima. Joining him are the stammguests , the marmelade square table.

Tuesday 13 August concert with Tonbo, Shoxxx, Moriaariava + Kurihara with VJ Chuuu and DJ La Tercera Mano 1900 – 0000
Tonbo is on tour in Europe. After his show with us last year we are stoked to welcome him back, alongisde the legendary Shoxxx. To complete the trifecta, Moriaariava will perform in a duo wit Kurihara.  For more complete resonance VJ Chuuu and DJ La Tercera Mano will keep the occult vinyls and trippy visuals spinning.