Video: One day with Lost/n Found

Hello and Happy New Year....

Couple weeks back we caught up with kimbow from Lost/n Found Berlin and here is what he filmed with us ... quick look through our peaceful place of chaos and printing... and a chance to see how my German is going...

Lockdown sucks but hope we can see us again soon.

In between the Lost/n Found community is a good German language place to hook into for synthesizer scene, diy analog kultur.... YOUTUBE CHANNEL INSTAGRAM

and please don't forget kimbows music here on INSTA


Live tonight sold out

Thursday 12 December

Full Moon

From 1900 till 0000

Lysergic and Many Tentacles invite you for 3 intimate concerts in our ever growing atelier at Haus Schwarzenberg.

ika khan

on the full moon
the twelth of december
two thousand and nineteen


1900 in the evening
many tentacles 2hh 20g rosenthalerstr 39, 10178 berlin
<drinks available>
<donation for the musicians please>


Artwork and printing by Chananja