group exhibition @ neuro titan 2022

Unbelievable Friendship

22.10.22 – 11.11.22
Vernissage 22.10.22 1800uhr
neurotitan Galerie
im Haus Schwarzenberg,
Rosenthaler Straße 39, 10178 Berlin
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Sa: 12-20 Uhr

What is intangible about life, but defines every living being,
Tangles up and unwinds in the utmost mysterious ways?


is an experimental collaborative exhibition built in honour of Friendship, as an ingredient that holds the power to magically transform any way of human interaction. Towards one another, towards the world known or unknown and towards the multiplicity of creation.

Cultivating gratitude, generosity and genuinely compassionate behaviour needs a shift in consciousness that debunks the myths of singularity and rather gravitates towards an appreciation of experiencing the spirit of shared existence, reaching far beyond our perception of time and space.
Focusing attention at the layers of reality which unite hands and hearts and the wisdom of innumerable beings, until the structures of matter in this world are able to take on new, surprising forms.

The presented works are installed in a manner that seeks cohabitation and reinforcement, some resulting from long term intended collaborations, others from streams of parallels that naturally evolved into the moment where they can be shared in the gallery space together.

The title of the exhibition UNBELIEVABLE FRIENDSHIP comes from a composition by Filip Misek from his album released under the same name this year.

All there is is the grace of unbelievable friendship.

Produced and curated by Many Tentacles

In collaboration with:
Dylan Bakker + Leon de Backer + Sinclair Brazier + Fine Brendtner + Maria Cukor + Chuuu + Jan Durina + Kyra Van Erp + Michiyasu Furutani + Sophie Hathaway + Chantal Kirch + Atomic Komrade + Kurihara + Silvia Langers +
Martu + Filip Misek + Chananja Mulder + Gabriela Müller + Sophie Nap + Heike Nowotnik + Neža Peterle + Emilee Sheldon + Sachin Shetty + Shoxxx + Lisa Smith +
Nathan Taare + Andy Weber + Liza Weber + Wolfgang + Andi Zant + UVM +