Photos during lockdown

Its been a long time since we were open up the stairs at many Tentacles, but in between there is some nice creation going on, and sometimes some video and photoshoots. HDR photos help to capture some of the luminescence that is missing when you don’t get to see our work in real life. There is plenty more to come, just got to learn how to print and photograph at the same time. Click these photos to see them in a bigger size!

New video channel

Hello. Finally getting the head around multimedia again and got a space with googlevil to show some moving images with sound and vision! Here are the first shorts based on a new series of paper prints created recently in the studio. Watch this space ..

Video: One day with Lost/n Found

Hello and Happy New Year....

Couple weeks back we caught up with kimbow from Lost/n Found Berlin and here is what he filmed with us ... quick look through our peaceful place of chaos and printing... and a chance to see how my German is going...

Lockdown sucks but hope we can see us again soon.

In between the Lost/n Found community is a good German language place to hook into for synthesizer scene, diy analog kultur.... YOUTUBE CHANNEL INSTAGRAM

and please don't forget kimbows music here on INSTA


Hey every1 we are happy to open up our shop again after the lockdown and some tasty renovations. You are invite to swing by and see whats new. Our new reduced opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 1200 till 1900

Face masks are compulsory and social distancing is required.

Because business is painfully slow like everywhere, it's a good time to collaborate, so if you feel like printing together, get in touch. More information on our open workshop can be found here. Currently Mauer Park is re-open and it's running almost as usual... . We will keep this post up to date.

Keep in touch , and stay healthy :)


Hello Internet visitors. Here is a super brief update from inside the German lock down.

Mauer Park flea Market is suspended and our workshop shop Many Tentacles is also closed. We are using the opportunity to lay low, start a vege garden and learn some new recipes.

Printing is on hold while we refurbish our studio, but expect some new designs and movements in a few weeks.

In between our online shop and Etsy shop are still open and we are shipping as usual. Your custom is much appreciated.

Reading about the many global challenges this situation has bought about are a good reminder to stand in solidarity … as always we support vegan, ethical, organic and fair traded items as much as we can.
Berlin is a pretty good space to be right now, so we are looking at ways to help out globally on other levels. Let us know if you have any leads or needs.

Wish you all the best, good health and cheer. Thanks for visiting.


Yo. If you want to print some of your own artwork or represent some good activism on paper or on textiles (like t-shirts or bags), then we might be able to help.

Depending on other workshop activities, we offer all comers open workshop sessions. These are supervised and include preparation and printing with a screen. BASICS would be a single color print up to A3 size, onto paper or textile which you bring yourself. We have the water based colors and chemicals, the screens and the assistance. This is planned to cost €75. Solidarity SOLI projects for a soli price.

ADVANCED like bigger sizes, more colors, multiple screens, mega mass reproduction needs to be discussed in person 🙂

Come by or write to us (workshop (at) for more information, and share as much of a prepared print artwork as you have. DEUTSCH GEHT AUCH!